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Please use this discord channel if you need technical support or have feedback on your experience. #skrmiish-feedback

Skrmiish Set-up Demo
Check out this handy set-up video by Skrmiish Game Manager HutchieOG. It’s a step-by-step guide from setting up Skrmiish to starting a match, finding an opponent and getting match results.
Got queries?
You may find these answers helpful.
I'm new, what do I do?
As a new user, here’s what to do to get started:


  • Download the Client
  • Register your details
  • Sign-in on the app. This will sync your devices. (IOS or Android)
  • Then follow the steps on the Skrmiish app to find an opponent, ready up and start your first Skrmiish
Why do I need to install the desktop software?
Our desktop software automatically verifies your game account and also instantly verifies your results once both players have left the match. Which means less exploits, less disputes and no more screenshots to confirm results.
My client isn't installing properly, how do I fix it?
Should you get either a ‘runscript’ or ‘installfinalize’ error while installing the Skrmiish Client, make sure you run the installer as administrator. This should fix these error issues.
How do Leaderboard Points (LP) work?
  • Wager in-app LP to climb the leaderboard. Every player gets 50LP when you land on the leaderboard to start your first Skrmiish.
  • If you use auto-matchmaking the system automatically stakes 5LP on the match which is the standard default setting. Winning the match will win you an additional 5LP, and losing will lose you 5LP.
  • If you ‘create a match’ you can choose how much LP to wager and potentially climb the leaderboard a lot faster. But remember, it also means risking more LP and dropping further down the leaderboard if you lose.
  • You never drop below 5LP, so you can always climb your way back up the leaderboard if you have a bad run.
What should I do if my match results do not update?
As soon as both players have left the Fortnite match, results should come through instantly. If you are not getting results, make sure you have played a valid match.

A match is valid if:

  • The Skrmiish match setup was completed BEFORE starting the Fortnite match.

  • Both your EpicID and your opponents EpicID in Fortnite match their EpicID on Skrmiish (a mismatched EpicID may cause results to not come through).

  • You left the Fortnite match only after you and your opponent were dead and spectating.

  • Replay files are turned on in the Fortnite Settings.

If you are confident that you followed all the above steps correctly, but results are still not coming through:

  • Screenshot the replay file within Fortnite showing your kills and your opponents kills. Be sure to include the timestamp.
  • Write down the Skrmiish username of your opponent and the LP amount for the match.

  • Contact Skrmiish support on the Skrmiish Discord and log your ticket in the #support-ticket channel. You will be required to provide the evidence listed above, once provided our support staff will review your message and adjust your LP if appropriate.

What games can I play on Skrmiish?
Currently, we only support Fortnite and PUBG on PC, with new game additions being planned. Follow us on social media to keep up to date with the latest Skrmiish news and upcoming game titles.
What platforms are supported by Skrmiish?
Currently, Skrmiish only supports PC.